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So now that I have your attention, let’s clarify a few things.  I am a Two-Time SRT8 Challenger owner and I knew about this before I even bought the first car, BUT you have to purchase an SRT to get the school access.  The dealerships RARELY know about this incredible track school.  It is a SINGLE line on your window sticker and if you do not pay attention you may miss it.  I have been to this school twice and this past weekend they said out of almost 20,000 SRT’s sold, 16,000 certificates go unused!!  I could not believe that, it’s 10% FREE for Pete’s sake, who does not like FREE.

Here is the basic deal for you current and future SRT owners out there.  First you have to buy an SRT of any model out there, Charger, Challenger, Viper, 300C, Jeep, whatever is currently in production.  Secondly, visit to get more information or go directly to Their Published Schedule.  You can also just go directly to the registration page Here.  Once you pick the track of your choice, (Travel is NOT included if you need go fly to a track), you are good to go once you enter your VIN.  You can also bring Driving Guests for $500 or Non-Driving Guests for $100.  So what do you get:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Merchandise and Prizes for some event winners
  • 5 different driving sessions which vary so check the site but generally they are
    • Autocross
    • Driving Dynamics
    • Head to Head Challenge
    • Performance Drive
    • Hot Labs

This is pretty much an 8:00 to 4:00 day with TONS of seat time in SRT vehicles.  You get to drive their vehicles and not yours and they teach you to push these cars to the limits.  Even if you have been before $500 is pretty cheap for a day long track school.  I have been to others that cost 5 times as much and they don’t do as good a job.  So if you are a current or future SRT owner do NOT let this chance go by.  You only get a year to register your VIN for the class.  I personally do not know why you wouldn’t have a blast and meet some cool people.

For more information on the SRT Track Experience please visit these links, but whatever you do don’t let your certificate expire.

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  1. You mention only having a year to register. This was not the case for me. I bought my Challenger SRT8 last August used. It is an 08. The VIN had never been registered for the event and I was able to register and after providing proof of ownership I am going for free in October at TMS.

    • Good to know! I think the site says “1 Year from date of purchase”, but based on the low numbers I am sure even if you called they would work something out. Have a great time!!

  2. So if I purchased my SRT Jeep second hand, I can’t attend? Regardless of how much I am willing to pay?

    • Yes! Anyone with a valid SRT VIN can purchase admission to the SRT Track Experience. Last I checked it was about $500 for you to go to a local one. On the website you just enter your VIN and pay the fee. Original owners get 12 months to sign up with the free credit but I also think even NON SRT owners can pay to attend.

  3. We purchased a new Hellcat and my husband just registered. Can I attend also or do I have to pay the “guest” fee (which is now $699)?

    • YES! indeed you can register for the guest fee. Sounds like the price went up a little but still well worth it. I think you have the option to be a driving or non-driving guest still as well. Congrats on the new HellCat! Enjoy the school!

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