Legrand NuVo Whole Home Audio Review


Most people that follow me know by now I’ve been building and finally moved into a new house in Greeneville, TN.  Something I researched and decided on early on in the process was installing a whole home audio setup throughout many of the rooms.  I looked at two options with NuVo and Sonos, and ultimately decided on the NuVo P-Series network based system for a few reasons.  I have to say I LOVE this system and I’m already considering working with the local builder to install them in other custom homes using mine as a demo installation.  So what makes it co cool?

With NuVo You Chose Your Speakers

The biggest reason I went with a wired system was I wanted the option of what speakers I installed.  I decided on RBH Sound MC Series 8″ in the ceilings of most of the rooms.  I also used the MC-Series in wall speakers in the family room as the initial 7.1 home theater setup.  Their speakers sound awesome for the money and I simply love the in-wall dual 8″ subwoofer.  We painted all the grills to match the walls to there is nothing that stands out about the walls.


Once I chose the speakers and decided on locations the electrician ran speaker wire to a single location in the basement where the NuVo units would reside.  So I had to decide then on the various options for the players themselves.

Which NuVo P-Series Amplifier?

Being someone who does not do anything small I read the specifications on the P100/P200 as well as the P3100/3500 options.  What drove my decision was the initial number of “Zones”.  I designed a total of 9 zones with one zone split to 4 speakers using a switch box to maintain the resistance to the amp for the outdoor speakers.  Since these are used the least it did not make sense to burn an entire zone on them.  Based on the total number of zones I knew I was going to be into the P3100 or the P3500 since they are 3-Zone units in a 1U rack mount, also what I wanted.  The P100/P200 are single zone units.  The only difference is the output of the various units.

  • P100 = 40 Watts total
  • P200 = 150 Watts Total
  • P3100 = 200 Watts total (split to 3 Zones)
  • P3500 = 680 Watts total (split to 3 Zones)

Since I decided on the higher end RBH MC-Series I elected to go with three P3500 units.  I could have mixed and matched, but frankly it was easier to get all the same ceiling speakers and all the same amplifier units.  I’ve since decided to add a P100 for the master bedroom connected to a pair of Cambridge SoundWorks M50 Bookshelf speakers.  We do not use the zone much but when I get to the features of the system….you will see why I wanted to add it.


The Cool Features of the NuVo P-Series

So now that I designed the system, chose the speakers, had the cables run, I can explain the awesome features of the system.  First and foremost it has built-in music services for streaming.  They include FOUR services right into the system.

  • Pandora
  • SiriusXM
  • Rhapsody
  • TuneIn

You do need to have accounts for the ones you want to use which was not a problem for me.  Why this is so nice is there is no need to send streams from a phone or other device, it’s 100% integrated into the players.  Each zone also supports a Line In option so you can connect other items.  I’ve run connections for a couple of Airplay devices so I can also have the option of using other music services and sending it through AirPlay to the input.  This makes it VERY flexible a player system for source audio.

Finally the entire system works together.   You connect all players to your network via ethernet on the P3x00 series, BUT you can chain them together so the whole stack only burns one network port.  Your P100/P200 can use a hardwire or a wireless gateway but once they are on the same network, they find each other and present a single configuration which you control from your iOS or Android Device.


The device control is not LOCAL to a device either the zone names, what’s playing where, etc is updated on any device running the application so there is no locally store information.  Lastly, you can create any combination of input/output zones.  You can have one input playing on all zones, or have different inputs to various outputs.  Again, this is MAJOR flexibility in the player system.  The application is easy to use and understand and very intuitive.  It also supports auto updates to the app and the players without user intervention.


The NuVo P-Series Rocks

So far everyone that has come to visit is more than impressed at the setup and the technology behind it.  The RBH Sound speakers have a great range in them and combined with the power and flexibility of the NuVo P-Series, I’ve got to say I’ve become a fan boy.  If you want to know more or have questions, let me know in the discussion and I can try to help you out.


About Chris Colotti

Chris is active on the VMUG and event speaking circuit and is available for many events if you want to reach out and ask. Previously to this he spent close to a decade working for VMware as a Principal Architect. Previous to his nine plus years at VMware, Chris was a System Administrator that evolved his career into a data center architect. Chris spends a lot of time mentoring co-workers and friends on the benefits of personal growth and professional development. Chris is also amongst the first VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX#37), and author of multiple white papers. In his spare time he helps his wife Julie run her promotional products as the accountant, book keeper, and IT Support. Chris also believes in both a healthy body and healthy mind, and has become heavily involved with fitness as a Diamond Team Beachbody Coach using P90X and other Beachbody Programs. Although Technology is his day job, Chris is passionate about fitness after losing 60 pounds himself in the last few years.


  1. i have a question…after all of the components and wire are paid for and the installation is complete, is the nuvo system free if say i just used pandora? or do you have to subscribe to something?

    • Great question actually! The hardware is one time purchase, BUT to use the services like Pandora, Rhapsody, and SirusXM you do need to have existing subscriptions to those. You just configure the NUVO with your login information if you already have a subscription.

  2. Carlos-Lili Romero

    Hi, some of the home routers don’t pass multicast traffic..I’m having issues with this setup..do you have any reccomendations on what router to use that has a pretty good range and works out of the box? I have a p200 in the basement but the music keeps cutting

  3. Great post, just had my new build wired for NuVo, I see on your system you used P3500. Am I correct in saying you still need the Grand Concerto e.g to power the lcd room controllers ?
    Thanks ben

    • Hey Ben, I have NO grand Concerto gear at all. I only have the P3500’s and I am adding the P10 wall volume controls. I do not even think the Grand Concerto gear is intended to work with the P-Series line.

  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for reply. So is the audio source built into the P3500 e.g spotify, etc. or you have an external source? I have tried to make sense of the legrand website but as this gear is aimed at pro install its pretty vague. I now looking into the sonos connect amp’s which I would install in my av room and then put a few wall mounted ipads around the house as controllers.

    • All the services are built into the P-series players. You simply log into them from the iOS app with your current usernames and passwords. It’s pretty complete with all the services it includes. You don’t need multiple controllers with NuVo P-Series just one or two iOS devices for total control then the P-10’s for a per zone volume. It really is a simply plug in player. Cannot speak to the Sonos, I still love the Nuvo and I heard Sonos was laying off engineers recently.

  5. Chris, Thank you for the reply. I have my home wired for NuVo and will look into the P series.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for the overview. We have had the P3100 for almost 2 years but are disappointed that Amazon prime music is not an option. Are you aware of any way to stream such music from our mobile devices through the P3100? You mention a line in option, how does that work and would that help?

    • Depends on your mobile device, but I have an iPhone and I just have a older Airport configured just for Airplay. That is connected via audio cable to one of the inputs. Then you can send Amazon music via AirPLay to that device and set the 3100 to that line input. Pretty simple really. For Android I am not sure what you can use to do something similar.

  7. Chris, purchased a home recently that included a fully wired Essentia 6 Zone system (plus tuner). This system is now 12 years old, would you have any comments or recommendations regarding upgrade options? For example, can I upgrade my wall mount control panels? Thanks.

    • I’ve only had experience with the NUVO product so unfortunately no information on how to upgrade the older systems. I’d give legrand tech support a call they have been great when I call. They can also point you to a local dealer.

  8. Hi Chris, I’m building a home for a client that is looking at the p3100 or p3500 Nuvo system. She’d like to have some zones with more than a pair of speakers or 1 stereo speaker. You mentioned that you used a switch box to add additional speakers to a zone. Which switch box did you use? We’re meeting the Northwest Nuvo rep at her house next Wed and he didn’t mention being able to add speakers to zones. Neither I nor the owner are very up on audio systems so your advice would be helpful. Thanks, Dan

    • I ever actually have ended up needing a switchbox. Only thing I’ve done is wore two pairs to one Zone as a 4ohm load and also wore one speaker to a Zone and configured it for mono for a location that could only really have space for a single speaker.

  9. Hey Chris. We had 2 of the P3100 units installed in our house to accommodate 6 zones. We had 4 live so we were using 3 zones on one unit and 1 on another. This was installed about 2 1/2 years ago. Suddenly after pouring all kinds of money into the setup/wiring during our new home build, one of the units just stopped working and nothing lights up on it. Yikes! AND to add insult to injury now one of the zones on the other unit is now not working.

    Just wondered if anyone has had this issue? Our installer isn’t being much help and now I’m going to try to contact LeGrand to see if there is any recourse or warranty for this unit. Anybody able to be any help on this or have had a similar situation?

    • I had an issue with two of my players. In one case the RCA audio inputs were dead and another a Zone died. In both cases I contacted legrand directly and they were very helpful and did replace them even though they were over the one year warranty. You will most likely be without the player in order to send it back and have them either repair or replace it. I’m sorry your installer is. It much help but just call tech support directly.

      • Thanks Chris. I’ll give them a call because the small company that our builder hired to do our structured wiring and this as an add-on for us basically told me they were ‘electricians’ and the guy who did all the specialty structured wiring then was no longer with them. But, the builder has left us holding the bag for a lot of inept work. Buyer beware when it comes to builders. I’ve heard of bad experiences but ours was even beyond that. Been trying to just deal with all of that and now we are having other issues like this on the stuff that I wish now we had done more research on. We chose Nuvo because had the opportunity to do that wiring ahead of time, but now I almost wish I had done Sonos because you can pick them up and carry them into a different room, etc. But . . . . I do like the speakers being installed and not collecting dust on a shelf.
        What are ya gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
        Thanks for the suggestion!

        • I am quite sure Nuvo will work with you and replacing a unit is easy. Just swap it out and re-add the zones as they were before. You cannot “Backup” a config but you can re-create the zones and boom you are done. I did not want Sonos mostly as I like music hard wired and as I mentioned in the article I wanted to chose best of breed speakers and everything is ceiling mounted and clean.

        • Chris, they are going to fix them both for me. All I have to do is handle the shipping ‘to’ them! Thanks for the advice!

          • Awesome! They are a good company for sure.

            • Well, here I am just a few years later and the 2 units (3100) we have have both failed again. I was given instructions on trying to ‘reboot’ the two zones on one of them with a usb drive and a download from them to ‘fix’ the 2 zones that have turned red. the other one is completely dead. I have no words on why this keeps happening. I wish we had installed something else …..

  10. I bought a house with a 6 zone wired speaker system in place. If I get 2xP3100 components, what else do I need to wire up the system. Do I need a P100 for each speaker zone?

    • If you have 6 zones pre-wired (6 pairs of speakers) and all the speaker wiring comes to the same location then all you need is two P3500 two P3100 as each of those are 3 zones (3 pairs) each. If the wiring is not run to the same central location you may need to break it up with P100/P200 units, but the easy hope is they are all run to the same place and drop in two of the 3 zone units.

      • Bradley Peterson

        Yes, they all run to the same cabinet. Did you install the wall control units in each room? P10 – I think?

        • I do have the wall units installed but you need a PoE switch the connect them to. Not all rooms have them but some do.

          • What is a PoE switch. Does it have a part number.

            • You need a network switch that supports power over Ethernet to use the wall controls. There is many out there to choose from. The P3100/P3500 are not wireless they require a network switch to get online as well. I’m afraid on this you may need to get some local networking help as the wall controls also require pulling cat 5 cable to them.

          • Do the P10 wall switches let you select a line-in as a Favorite? Or maybe what I should ask is, does the app let you choose a line-in source from a zone as a Favorite?

            • Good question. The wall switches have 5 favorites but those are taken from you r “top 10” options in the app and it’s the first 5. So I guess if the app let’s you app a line in as a top 5 then it would work. Those top 10/5 are global for your whole system though not per wall switch or zone.

  11. Why didn’t you choose the Nuvo speakers?

    • Mostly because I wanted speakers from RBH or another company “known” for speaker design. I am sure the Nuvo ones are fine, but never heard them or used them and I love the RBH ones, plus I got a killer deal on them at the time.

  12. Chris,

    Great information. I am currently looking for a multi zone system for a new construction house I am building. This may work.

  13. Chris,

    I have a Nuvo Essentia and Nuvo NV-MPS4. I can no longer stream music through the system. I called NuVo tech support and they told me the NV-MPS4 is no longer supported (I assume that means the Essentia as well). They offered to sell me the P-3100 at a discount to replace the unit since they don’t provide support anymore. My frustration is paying NuVo more money after they dropped support on their previous line. Any thoughts on going to the current NuVo product vs. some of the competition? I have six wired zones I am controlling.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    • I can say I have had the P3500’s for 4 years now and I have even had one replaced that lost a zone and they were great about it. I had to ship it back first no cross ship. They have released new product in the NuVo line recently so that tells me that is the line they must be moving forward with over some of the older stuff. If you have 6 zones you will need TWO units as each is 3 zones per 3100/3500. Ultimately the nature of technology is that is gets replaced at some point so if you got more than 5 years out of the old system I’d call that a win.

  14. Chris,

    Thanks for the response. Any other brands worth looking at?

    • I was considering the Nuvo platform for a while, but realized that for the same price I could get Sonos with similar specs but with tons more support and services. Specifically Nuvo has a closed API, a terribly basic bluetooth implementation, very few streaming services, no Alexa or Google Home support, no universal remote support, and their simple wall keypads (which then became the only reason I considered Nuvo) are $200-300 a piece.

  15. Hello Chris,

    I currently have a grand concerto with 7 zones and Ipod dock that was installed almost 9 years ago, it was also installed with a Tuner for fm/am which I don’t use . I currently only use the iPod dock but always have to walk up to where the iPod is to be able to change from Apple Music to Spotify etc . I know there is new technology and I would like to purchase one of the P series to integrate to my system, so pretty much each zone can listen to different streaming source . I have reached out to Nuvo and only was told to either get a P100 or P300 but I need help narrowing it down and making sure it will work with my system .

    Hopefully you can help. Thanks a lot

    • Hey Greg,

      My best “guess” is the P300 is what you want to look at. The reason is simple, the P300 is a PRE-AMP based unit. is has the same P-series software for built in streaming services, BUT it simple has a pre-amp out that could be plugged into your existing system. You’d still have to manage the two systems separately, but the P100 is an actual amplifier out with speaker posts. Yes it also has a Line Out port, but unless you were hooking pair of actual speakers up to it, you’d be wasting the money. Take a look at the specs on the P300 with just the line out and see what you think. Also you will need hard wired network to the P300 I do not believe it supports wifi but I am not sure all mine are wired.

  16. Hello Chris

    Thank you very much for your detailed answer its more than I have gotten from LEGRAND. Its almost like they don’t want to sell the products. So thank you.

    I will take you “guess” advise and go with the P300. My question to you is so with the P300 I only need 1 right ? I will still be able to play multiple source in different rooms with that ( 1 room listening to Sirius and the other listening to Spotify )

    Thanks again and I really hope Legrand knows you are literally selling and advising on their product,as their customer service is non existent

    • Hey Greg,

      Maybe we need to chat on the phone to explain but the P300 is a single zone only and is NOT an amplified output it is intended for connecting to an existing amplifier. It will provide the sources but to a single zone. If you need multiple rooms (with speaker connections) you need the P100/200/3500/4100 series. Bottom line is a single P300 won’t get you multi room and requires an external amplifier. Happy to chat as I can also probably source these for you if you needed to.

  17. I recently got three Nuvo P5200’s for setting up a 11 zone system in my house here in London,UK. I was bit confused between Sonos amps and Nuvo amps but somehow looking at their rack based design I bought Nuvo only to my surprise they announced the end of Nuvo line. They are still under warranty for a year or so but I am not sure what will happen if any hardware fails after the warranty elapses. As of the now the system is great, but worried what will happen after they seize the app updates after Oct 2025 as the players can only be managed by the app. I feel they should support the app for atleast next 10 years as everyone would have invested thousands in the players.What are your plans to the keep the app running after Oct 2025? I bought a P30 touchscreen and i am planning to keep it without updating the app software on it to preserve the system forever 😉

    • Yeah I was super disappointed with the move as I’ve got a lot invested and Sonos doesn’t have the same rack density as these players. I figured I’d cross that bridge when I get to it but my understanding is while the app will no longer be updated it should still exist in the app stores. If the app goes away then yeah these are bricks if you update your phone and can’t get the app downloaded again. That would be a huge issue for sure. They really should have had a longer plan for the app support for the players out in the wild. It’s a shame I’ve really loved these products.

    • I’m actually surprised that Sonos hasn’t marketed out to folks like us with deals to replace all our gear with Sonos Amps but then again they can make a killing either way when we are at some point forced to replace them all. The issue with sonos is it’s ONE amp per zone unlike the 3 zones per 1U design so entire rack configs also need to be redone to make a full swap out. It’s going to be a mess but it would be nice if they gave us a path to switch even if we traded in gear etc. something….anything really.

  18. i saw some news about sonos and legrand partnership, not sure what for it was but i thought initially that Sonos is going to keep the app running for years for Nuvo users, time will only tell.

    Why do you think Sonos will reach out to us, and why would they trade in?
    I didn’t want Sonos too because i would need 11 power cables running around and will take more rack space, even though they say you can mount one up another but i felt it will get hot there. But who thought a company which had such long history of whole home audio would do this.

    I have been talking to the legrand support and they are certain, no updates after Oct 2025.
    I am not sure how apps in app store works. is it like if an app works in one iOS version will it work in any future iOS updates with out the need of any development support with responsibility on apple to not break the app?

    I heard the android app is already broken after the latest android release and they are working on a fix.

    • I said Sonos “should” reach out to Nuvo users. There’s an entire group of people to market too.

      Yes same here for the number of zones o have the power cords and rack space vs the density Nuvo provided is 3X at least.

      As far as the app goes it depends. Eventually it won’t work on new iOS versions for sure. It will only disappear from the App Store if it’s pulled by the vendor or apple I think. The app is more a concern than the hardware for sure at this point. If phones and iOS get upgraded will the app be available during a device restore? They’ve certainly either way left people out to dry that spent a lot of money on this gear. Even saying 2025 and who could afford to just upgrade to something else by then? Certainly not me.

  19. by density you mean the power output? i think Sonos amp is more powerful than the biggest zone amp Nuvo did . P5200 which is their biggest is 100W per channel at 8 ohms while Sonos is 125W per channel at 8 ohms. I have heard Sonos Amp in my next door neighbour, he has got a 4.1 set up and its pretty loud. Not sure if Nuvo can be that loud.
    i always wondered how many people have the player portfolio amps (P3xxx/P1xx/P2xx/P4xxx,P5xxx) using the Nuvo app. I think many of them have it integrated with Control4/KNX types? The P5000 players were dealers only. It will be utter disappointment if things stop working. I once saw a document somewhere on Legrand website saying they will maintain the app for next 10 years but now I can’t find. They have removed it.

    May be we can start a thread to ask Legrand to keep the app up and running for as long as there are users using it. There is a product called Logitech harmony, even though it stopped selling long back, Logitech still keep pushing updates and fixes. Legrand can do something like that may be.

    • For me density is rack density. P4300 is 3 zones in 1U of rack space using one network connection and one power cord. Power for me is way down the list. Physical space is at a premium and the same zones I have via 5 P4300 in 5u of rack spaces with 5 power and network connections is significantly more of a mess in the Sonos world

      Yes I’ve got Harmony product too and familiar with their ongoing support. Learned is going to do whatever they want but you can try to make a case build a big enough group to petition them for sure. Dunno if they will listen.

  20. I will probably create a petition, will send you the link when i do that.
    The P5200 is 2U! I had to buy a 32U rack as the 3 P5200 spaced with 1U blanks took half of it. Houses in UK are far smaller than US so i know what physical space means.
    I think all these companies make products in this way that consumers are forced to upgrade anyways.

    • Sure happy to add to it. Yea I had P3500 before a lightning strike and replaced with 4300 before the 5200 was even available. Also point of note MOST of the P series was dealer only even in the US. Not one “retailer” ever sold the gear.

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