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A week ago today we held the first online VCDX Workshop with some amazing results!  We had over 600 people registered and over 300 people attend the session.  We’ve already posted the recording and the slides from this session on the VCDX VMTN Forum.  What I am going to do here is just address a few of the survey comments and let you know we are making some adjustments for the ones in Q2.

Overall the majority of the comments were saying the content was spot on, the time was right, and the areas covered in such a short time were all hit.  There were a few other comments I wanted to just address so that we can make sure we set the right expectations the next time around.

Comment:  Allow Voice over IP

My Response: – Yes we have tested audio streaming as well as dial in and recording all together and the future ones will all be audio streamed for sure!  This was stated about 25 times so, this is already getting setup for Q2.

Comment: Provide Presentation Slides and recording link

My Response:  DONE!  We will post the slides with each recording in PDF format as we did with the first one.  If you check out the VMTN post you will see the PDF of the slides.  Since these may change with each replay, we will be sure to post the updated ones with each recording

Comment:  Live mock defenses, in-depth talk about designs, and examples of past designs, provide templates

My Response:  I can honestly say this will probably never happen for a few reasons.  Time constraints on the online 2 hours don’t allow for more content.  Also, since defenses are not conducted online it would not serve the same context as the ones we already do in the 3-day defense prep class for people invited to defend.  At this stage of the journey, most people have not even submitted a design yet, so there is a tipping point of too much information at once.  We cannot share a person’s past design but there is a few examples out there from some past candidates.  The VCDX will never be based on templates, this is about documenting an architecture, reading the blueprint, filling out the application and defending.  Simply put, you have to do some work not just tick the boxes on a checklist.

Comment:  Allow audience to speak

My Response:  Again, due to the nature of the size of the webinar we will be sticking to questions in the Q&A panel so the other panelists can answer them.  On webinars this is more effective, and it is what makes this online 2-hour version vastly different from the live in person VCDX Workshops.  Un-muting 300 people will just become way too gnarly to get anything done.

Comment:  Do more scenarios

My Response:  Two simple words….Time Constraint.  In the live 4-hour sessions there is even more content and we still only get to one design and one troubleshooting scenario.  The fact we managed to squeak those into a 2-hour session I think was pretty awesome!


For the first time trying to set something like this up, pretty much off the cuff with no real marketing behind it, I am very happy with the results and very much looking forward to repeating this in Q2.  We will most likely hold an APAC and US/EMEA one separate next time to allow for better time slots.  Just be aware these are not “building block” sessions they will all be the same with the content adjusted as minor things change.  For example at PEX we did not know about the Desktop and Cloud VCAP’s going away and at some point they will be coming back, so those slides will change again.

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