How To Identify a Verizon Wireless Scammer

Today I got an unusual call (not a text) from Verizon Wireless, which frankly never happens, so I decided to let it go to voicemail.  What I learned after the caller left the message is something I wanted to share so that others can learn from this and hopefully Verizon Wireless can do something about the scammers that are getting much smarter lately.  Honestly the fact the scammer left a message for me to dissect is a little bit funny.  So let’s take a listen and a look at this message!

Verizon Wireless Scammer’s Caller ID

This part is the scariest but the caller actually spoofed the REAL Verizon Wireless caller ID. I know this because after they left the Voice Mail I simply tapped the number to call back and I went right to the real customer support. Also I happened to have the number stored as you can see below.

I will say once I tapped the number and called the number back and got to the real support they did verify and confirm no changes were made to the account and there was no record of an “Adrian” calling me. Something Verizon Wireless does well is log every customer touch/note so the lack of one also confirmed the suspicions.

This is probably the hardest thing to think about as most people may answer that call! Also the caller was very polished in his delivery, BUT he made a few subtle mistakes I will point out below.

Verizon Wireless Scammer’s Voice Mail

Here is the audio file of the voicemail along with a full transcription which will make it easier to dissect.

Scammer Voice Mail

Hi, my name is Adrian. I’m calling from Verizon wireless and this is a message for Chris Colotti. We’re reaching out in regards to a point of contact update request that we received that’s associated with your business wireless account. Since the request originated from an email address that we currently do not have on file, we are attempting to reach an administrator in order to get the approval or denial for the request. We will attempt to reach another point of contact listed with an administrative role. But if I’m unsuccessful, we will attempt to reach you again a little later today, which would be the 9th of September. Once again, my name is Adrian and I’m calling from Verizon Wireless in regards to a point of contact update request that’s associated with your business wireless account.

First, the fact he referenced a Business Wireless Account is the first red flag, simply because I don’t have one! We are a consumer account only so this phrasing isn’t accurate for my account type.

Second, while business accounts may have “Administrator” roles, consumer ones do not. They are referred to as “Account Managers” in that space. So this is the second red flag.

Third, the simple fact that I know after being a Verizon Wireless customer for 22 years is that changes are made real time and verified either over the phone or on the website. A representative should never call you to confirm a change request like this.

Lastly, he never left a call back number, for obvious reasons, because as I mentioned when I tapped return call I did go to the real customer support so leaving a number frankly would be too much for the scammer to manage versus “trying to call back later”

Don’t Get Fooled by Verizon Wireless Scammers

The moral of the story here is to be hyper vigilant with these people. Don’t just assume because it SOUNDS like and duck and LOOKS like a duck that it is in fact a duck. Let these calls go to voice mail and listen to them a few times for subtle indications of fraud.

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